Computational fluid dynamics - CFD

We solve fluid mechanics problems by numerical simulations. The numerical flow simulation provides a meaningful and cost-effective alternative to experimental trials.

We answer various questions by using the established method of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD):

  • Analysis, design and optimization of hydraulic machinery, components and complette systems
  • Water hammer and kind of transient operations of liquid and gas flows
  • Fluid-structure interaction

Transient calculation / water hammer

We calculate transient processes to develop, design and evaluate plants and machinery.

3-dimensional computational fluid dynamics is still largely limited due to the large computational grids and the resulting, necessary computing power currently on the calculation of individual system components and steady flows are eligible for the calculation of entire plants and non-stationary processes currently one-dimensional calculation method for operation is used.

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Numerical flow simulation for pump is an economic analysis tool to optimize pumps and pumping systems and their hydraulic systems, lubrication systems, seals, bearings, ... for more energy and cost efficiency.

In cooperation with renowned manufacturers, we have developed new approaches to compete internationally with optimized pump. We are engaged as well with issues of manufacturer or operator of pumps under special operating conditions or application-specific requirements.

Basis of the worldwide demand for our know-how are numerous comparative analyzes between test and computational fluid dynamics (3D-CFD) research questions, product development / innovation and extensive experience in the industry for special applications.



Numerische Simulation - PumpeNumerische Simulation - Fließgeschwindigkeiten

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Whether for Francis turbine, Kaplan, bulb or innovative new approaches, our know-how is worldwide appreciated for small up to the largest installations worldwide.


Numerische Simulation - TurbineNumerische Simulation - TurbineNumerische Simulation - Turbine

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Valves / fittings

Numerical flow simulation using spherical valves, butterfly valves and valve for power plants, have been studied and designed.


Peter Meusburger

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Mr. Helmut Benigni

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Know-how by tradition

In the 1980s our institute used as one of the FIRST in the German-speaking part of Europe Numerical Simulation (CFD) for turbine research and development.

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