General Staff

Josef Papst, TU Graz, Institute HFM

Josef Papst

Mechanical manufacturing

Wolfgang Lukas, TU Graz, Institute HFM

Wolfgang Lukas

Mechanical manufacturing

Kurt Maass, TU Graz, Institute HFM

Kurt Maass



Electrical engineering, electronics, IT

Jeannine Siebenbrunner, TU Graz, Institute HFM

Jeannine Siebenbrunner


Andreas Stachel, TU Graz, Institut HFM

Andreas Stachel


Marketing & Sales

Panta rhei

Everything flows - a motto the Institute of Hydraulic Fluid Machinery feels especially obliged to as "Panta Rhei" also applies to pumps and turbines, converters, fans, compressors and in particular to valves as well as the interaction of elements...