Up-to-date information on exams and courses

Current exam dates Summer semester 2023:

Basics of Turbomachinery 317.023

Hydraulic Turbomachinery 317.024

Pumps and Turbocompressors 317.011

The courses Pumps and Compressors (317.011), Pumps and Compressors-Calculation Exercises and Hydraulic Flow Machines (317.024) are available as video recordings on the TeachCenter for registered students.

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Email: sekretariat.hfm@tugraz.at


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Exam dates



The following are recommended to bring along for the examination:

  • An official photo ID or the TU-Card
  • Stationery (do not write in red)
  • Ruler
  • A calculator (not programmable)
  • A mathematical formula collection

Framework conditions

  • All calculations are to be written exclusively with a ballpoint pen / non-changeable writing medium (no ink filler, pencil, . . . ). Sketches / diagrams are excluded.
  • Pre-printed written documents incl. Writing paper. Otherwise, no tools are allowed in the computational part!
  • The use of any electronic device (mobile phone, . . . ) with the exception of the calculator is prohibited. Further information that appears necessary will be given during the examination.
  • No aids are allowed in the theoretical part of the examination (not even a calculator).